Get Started with DocuSign Simplified Sending: Video Series

Applies to: DocuSign Simplified Sending (Which version do I have?)

This article contains seven videos to help you learn how to send, sign, and manage documents with your DocuSign account. Whether you’re new to DocuSign or looking to refresh your knowledge, these videos contain tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your account.

Sign a Document

Learn how to sign a document with DocuSign. Open a document from a DocuSign email notification, complete the various fields, and apply a signature.
Play video: Sign a Document

Sign Your Own Document to Send

Learn how to upload and sign your own document, and share the signed copy.
Play video: Sign Your Own Document to Send

Send an Envelope

Send an envelope with DocuSign. Add documents, recipients, and fields and set advanced sending options.
Play video: Send an Envelope

Manage In-Process Envelopes

Learn how to manage in-process envelopes. Check envelope status, manage envelope folders, and resend, correct, copy, and void an envelope.
Play video: Manage In-Process Envelopes

Navigate Your DocuSign Account

Learn how to navigate your DocuSign account. Identify the main components of a DocuSign account, use the help and profile picture menus, and modify account preferences.
Play video: Navigate Your DocuSign Account

Create a Template

Learn how to create a DocuSign template from an existing envelope. Add documents and recipients, add placeholder roles and fields, and apply advanced options. Create template folders, edit a template, and delete a template.
Play video: Create a Template

Send Envelopes with Templates

Learn how to send an envelope with a template. Differentiate between using and applying a template and modify template matching sensitivity.
Play video: Send Envelopes with Templates