How do I apply multiple templates to the same envelope


You have multiple templates which apply to different situations, and you wish to send one envelope that includes multiple templates.

Some customers have several different sets of documents that don’t always have to be sent together (depending on the specific business deal they are working on).  To avoid overwhelming their signers with many different envelopes to be signed separately (and to save on per-envelope sending costs), a sender may wish to send one larger envelope that contains documents from multiple different templates.  This is a common request in Real Estate, where many different documents need to be signed, but the specific documents aren't always the same (depending on the property and its location).


As the sender, you should first review each of the templates you wish to use. 

For two templates to properly merge together, the Role Name, Role Action and Routing Order for the signer or signers should be consistent across all templates. 

For example, if you have three templates each with a single signer, the Role Name and the Routing Order of the signer in each template should be exactly the same.  When using multiple templates, DocuSign assumes that different Role Names or different Routing Orders mean different signers, and the roles will not be merged if the Role Names or the Routing Orders are different.

Note:  A role’s Action must also match, but the Identify requirements do not have to match.  If Identify requirements for a single role differ across templates, DocuSign will attempt to merge the requirements.  For example, if template 1 requires an Access Code and template 2 requires SMS Auth, using both templates will require both an Access Code and SMS Auth for the signer.


    1. Click on the Manage tab, then click on New > Send an Envelope to start a new Envelope.  Note:  You can also use New > Use a Template, but you can only select one template from this screen, and must select Advanced Edit in order to use multiple templates.
    2. Under the Add Documents to the Envelope section at the top, click “Use A Template”.
    3. Check the box for each template that will be applied to the Envelope, then click “Add Selected”.
    4. DocuSign will import all of the documents, fields, and recipients from all of the selected templates.  The order of the documents will appear at the top of the page, and you can change the order by clicking and dragging on the preview image of the document.
    Document Order NDSE
    1. Review the Add Recipients area.  When merging templates into a single envelope, DocuSign looks at the Email, the Name, the Role, the Order, and the Action.  All five must match between two different templates in order for them to merge.
    2. If roles successfully merge under Recipients and Routing, then the associated fields will also merge ownership.  If the roles do not merge, deleting a role will delete the fields assigned to that role.
    3. Once the templates are merged, then you are free to make any changes to the Order, Emails, and Names.  Once the templates have been applied to the envelope, all of the merging is complete, and you can customize the envelope as necessary.

    Common Issues

    Why didn’t the recipients didn’t merge correctly?
    When you added recipients to each template, they did not match perfectly.  Check the source templates for spelling, punctuation, and spacing (including leading and trailing spaces).  The Order, Role, Email, Name, and Action must all match. 
    If the Email and/or Name are not present in the template, then only the Role, Order, and Action matter.
    A blank field is still a value, and so all instances of that Recipient would have to be blank within every template in order for these roles to merge.
    Note:  Merging does not happen after the template is applied to the envelope.  If the roles in a template do not merge when the template is initially applied, the only way to force an automatic merge is to discard the draft envelope, check the source templates for the discrepancy, and then start over with a new envelope.

    Can I force roles to be merged within an envelope after the templates are applied?
    The process is not clean, and if the envelope contains a lot of pages or a lot of tags, it is not easy.  If you are not able to get the roles of multiple templates to merge, you would have to manually reassign the tags to the desired role, and then delete the extra role.  If the system warns you that a role’s tags will be deleted, this means there are still tags assigned to that role.  The warning box will tell you how many tags are still assigned to that role.  Once you no longer receive a warning when trying to delete a role, then you have successfully reassigned all of that role’s tags, and it will be safe to delete this role.

    Due to the amount of manual effort required (and the risk of human error), this process is not recommended.

    Which Templates message and subject get applied?
    If you apply multiple templates, the message and subject from the first applied template is used. Note: If there is already something in these fields when a template is applied, the subject and message remain unchanged.

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