Error: "Unable To Create The Envelope" When Using a Template

When attempting to use a Template you get the error, Unable to create the envelope

This error and behavior can be caused by many reasons, but usually it's a permissions conflict between the user or account attempting to send from the template and properties of the template itself.

Contact your account administrator to review your template and sending permissions.


Issue: Signer Attachment Permissions Conflict

If the Template has Signer Attachment fields but the user does not have the Signer Attachment user permission enabled. This is common in a Shared Template scenario - The template creator has the proper permissions but the sender that the template is shared to does not.


Contact your DocuSign administrator and ask them to enable Signer Attachment permissions

Issue: Template contains an Empty Signing Group Recipient

​If the DocuSign Administrator has created a Signing Group, added members, added that group to a Template then gone back and removed all members from the signing group, you will get the same error if attempting to use the template in a new envelope. 


Contact your DocuSign administrator and ask them to

  1. Update the Signing Group.
  2. Update the Templates Signing Group recipient.