System Issues

How do I open a case in the DocuSign Support Center?
How to open an online case with the DocuSign Support team.
**Legacy** DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - Merge Fields From Currency and Number Fields Do Not Contain Commas
A workaround to resolve the formatting of currency and number fields from Salesforce when using merge fields
**Legacy** DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - Trial Account Expiration
Trial accounts are intended for limited duration and usage, providing you sufficient time and capacity to test our joint capabilities.
**Legacy** DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - Insufficient Access or Envelope Does Not Exist Error
DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - Insufficient Access or Envelope Does Not Exist Error
DFS - **Legacy** DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - Error - Oops! We Had Trouble...
Error: Oops! We had trouble loading your Salesforce connect object. Go ahead and try that again.
DocuSign Insight-How to gather Job ID and contract details for "General Error 99999" failures
When contracts fail to ingest within Insight, the Job Monitoring may display "General Error 99999" and these contracts are not included in the csv export option. ...
DFS Error: "Please verify that you have been granted access to DocuSign"
DSFS 7.0.2 install causes errors among users when clicking on DS Admin Tab or Sending via DSFS
End of TLS 1.1 and legacy cipher support
DocuSign is scheduling the removal of certain ciphers on January 12th 2021 and the end of TLS 1.1 support on June 9th 2021.
Why am I not getting DocuSign email notifications?
Occasionally, DocuSign email notifications may be blocked by either your email server, firewall, email provider, or email client.
DocuSign Insight User Guide v8.1.1.x
This guide provides details on the features and interactions available in the DocuSign Insight user interface (UI) from the Dashboard and Contracts pages. These w...
DocuSign Insight Security Guide v8.1.1.x
The following documentation provides details on the security options that can be added/modified as related to DocuSign Insight Security (v8.1.1.x).
DocuSign Insight Connector for Ariba Administration Guide v8.1.1.x
This guide describes the configuration and administration of the DocuSign Insight – Connector for Ariba, including connector enablement, integration app creation,...
DocuSign Insight Analytics Administration Guide v8.1.1.x
This guide provides information related to administration of the Analytics component of the DocuSign Insight (v8.1.1.x) platform, including steps to perform basic...
DocuSign Insight Administration Guide v8.1.1.x
This document provides information about business and system administration activities for the DocuSign Insight components of the DocuSign Insight and Analytics p...
DocuSign Analyzer - Analyze button is inactive
Follow these steps to ensure the right permissions are set for the Analyze feature to be used.
Users Aren’t Getting Email Notifications from DocuSign
Learn what to do if users on your network aren't receiving emails from DocuSign.
“Installation failed in step 93 with reason: failed to join the domain, error code is 1231” or “error code 1355″ message during installation
During installation, “Installation failed in step 93 with reason: failed to join the domain, error code is 1231” or “error code 1355″ may be displayed. This is t...
“The Appliance is Not in Factory Settings Mode" error when entering appliance IP address
After entering the Signature Appliance IP address during installation and clicking Next, user may receive the error message: “The Appliance is Not in Factory Sett...
Issues Verifying InfoPath Signatures in Microsoft SharePoint
CoSign Connector for SharePoint – This impacts signature verifications on InfoPath forms within Microsoft SharePoint
Messages and Alerts received on the console
The console provides messages and alerts for the following problems: