System Issues
DocuSign SSOv2 - Identity Provider Settings
An overview of Identity Provider configuration
DocuSign for Sharepoint Online - Permission Issues
SharePoint contribute permissions are required to send an envelope for signature. The user must have contribute permissions to the entirety of the Site Collection...
What information is needed when Contacting DocuSign Customer Support?
To optimize your Support Case handling and turn-around time, please make sure to include all relevant information in your support case.
DocuSign for Salesforce - Document Element Did Not Contain the Encoded Document
Specifically intended to address the error "The document element did not contain the encoded document, or there is a problem with the encoding."
How to join a WebEx meeting with DocuSign?
Learn how to easily join a computer-based screen sharing session, through Cisco WebEx, a tool that's great for sharing your screen and troubleshooting an issue, o...
Why is the DocuSign for Salesforce Connect login configured checkbox unchecking?
Article that goes over some scenarios on how the Login Configured Checkbox in connect settings can become unchecked.
SSO Email Domain Change Error - There was an error changing email, please try again later
When users are attempting to change their emails they’re receiving an error “There was an error changing email, please try again later”.
Why is my user's status showing as ActivationRequired?
In the user administration sections of both Classic and New DocuSign web application experiences, you may come across a user who is showing as ActivationRequired....
Print Driver v3.x - Installation failure on Windows 7
Error: DocuSign Print Driver has stopped working
Account Suspension FAQs
The most common reason is that your renewal period has come up, and your credit card information is out of date.
How do I open a case in the DocuSign Support Center?
How to open a case with the DocuSign Support team automatically through your account.
How do I change the email on a personal account away from a claimed domain?
You cannot edit your email address because this account is enabled with single sign-on (SSO). To make changes contact your IT department.