Product Overviews
CoSign Cloud Product Lifecycle
Special Announcements – Product Lifecycle – End of Support as of: February 01, 2018 (service-offline date)
New DocuSign Experience Administrator Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign administrators to manage users and account settings. Topics include: Billing, Security, Branding, User Permissions, Reminders, Expiration...
Welcome to the New DocuSign Experience
Take a video tour of the New DocuSign Experience. Get contact information for Customer Support and the DocuSign Community.
DocuSign for Word (PDF)
DocuSign for Word allows users to send or sign documents created or edited in Word 2016.
DocuSign for Word - Overview
This is an overview of DocuSign for Word.
Welcome to Administration - New DocuSign Experience
This topic provides an overview of the DocuSign administrator experience. This is only for administrators who manage multi-user accounts.
How Do I... - New DocuSign Experience
Looking for help with a specific task? This topic lists common tasks and provides links to the related help topics.
New DocuSign Experience User Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign users on sending and managing their documents, and user preferences.
DocuSign Essentials - Self-study
A team with the proper training, resources and skills is critical for a pathway to success. Learning resources for the Signer, Sender and Admin roles. Short bite-...
Feature Availability - New DocuSign Experience
Detailed feature matrix showing feature availability for the New DocuSign Experience.
Supported File Formats - New DocuSign Experience
You can send many types of files through DocuSign.
DocuSign for SharePoint On-Prem (PDF)
DocuSign for SharePoint allows users to sign or get signatures from any SharePoint document library. DocuSign for SharePoint is available for Microsoft SharePoint...
What happens to a users data once the user is closed?
When closing a user, it will affect access to certain user data. Learn more about: Sharing Envelope, Templates, Custom Fields and Reporting
DocuSign for Salesforce Administrator Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign for Salesforce administrators to manage users and account settings.
DocuSign for Salesforce Lightning Guide (PDF)
How to install and use DocuSign Lightning components.
DocuSign for Salesforce User Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign for Salesforce users on how to send documents for signature from Salesforce and Salesforce Mobile App.
Install DocuSign for Salesforce
Use this procedure to install and deploy DocuSign for Salesforce.
Retrieve – Managing downloaded files
This article discusses how Retrieve saves envelopes it downloads, and how to manage those envelopes.
End of TLS 1.0 and weak cipher support
DocuSign is ending support for TLSv1.0 and weak cipher suites on June 25, 2018. This date has been set by the PCI Security Standards Council and is an industry re...
DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App Guide (Version 8.5)
DocuSign Signature Appliance is a PKI-based, off-the-shelf digital-signature solution that can be integrated with a wide range of applications. In this way, Docu...
New DocuSign Experience FAQs
The New DocuSign Experience makes sending and managing documents easier, faster and more intuitive than ever.
DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ Integration
The DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ plug-in enables safe and convenient signature management for your CPQ quotes. Your customers can quickly approve quotes and reduce...