Product Overviews

CoSign Cloud Product Lifecycle
Special Announcements – Product Lifecycle – End of Support as of: February 01, 2018 (service-offline date)
DocuSign eSignature Admin Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign administrators to manage users and account settings. Topics include: Billing, Security, Branding, User Permissions, Reminders, Expiration...
Welcome to DocuSign eSignature
Take a video tour of DocuSign eSignature. Get contact information for Customer Support and the DocuSign Community.
Welcome to Administration - DocuSign eSignature Admin Guide
This topic provides an overview of the DocuSign administrator experience. This is only for administrators who manage multi-user accounts.
DocuSign eSignature User Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign users on sending and managing their documents, and user preferences.
DocuSign eSignature - eLearning Self Paced Courses for Signers, Senders, and Admins
A team with the proper training, resources and skills is critical for a pathway to success. Learning resources for the Signer, Sender and Admin roles. Short bite-...
Supported File Formats - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
You can send many types of files through DocuSign.
What happens to a users data once the user is closed?
When closing a user, it will affect access to certain user data. Learn more about: Sharing Envelope, Templates, Custom Fields and Reporting
Signature Appliance port requirements for Active Directory install
Here is the complete list of services and their ports used for Active Directory communication. For a complete list, including most current Windows server version...
Proxy Server support in DocuSign Signature Appliance
Overview of proxy server support in the Signature Appliance.
DocuSign eSignature Digital Accessibility
DocuSign's digital accessibility statement. The DocuSign eSignature sending and signing experience has been developed with the goal of moving towards meeting Sect...
DocuSign for Microsoft Flow (PDF)
Microsoft Flow is now Microsoft Power Automate
DocuSign Print Driver 3.5 (PDF)
DocuSign Print Driver is a free utility that allows you to print your document directly into a DocuSign envelope or template.
Which version do I have? - DocuSign eSignature
Applies to: DocuSign eSignature / DocuSign Simplified Sending  We've found that our customers have a wide range of needs and how they use our eSignature produc...
DropBox Extension for DocuSign
DocuSign integrates with Dropbox to simplify the electronic signature process, helping organizations be more productive and get business done faster. 
Print Driver FAQ
Common DocuSign Print Driver questions, issues and troubleshooting.
DocuSign for Outlook (PDF)
This provides an overview of DocuSign for Outlook.
Does the Signature Appliance integrate with user directory systems?
Does the Signature Appliance integrate with user directory systems?
DocuSign Insight Administration Guide v8.0.1.0
This document provides information about business and system administration activities for the DocuSign Insight components of the DocuSign Insight and Analytics p...
DocuSign for SharePoint Online (PDF)
This guide provides information on installing, sending, and signing documents from SharePoint Online.