DocuSign Payments FAQ

What is DocuSign Payments?

DocuSign Payments is a feature in web and native mobile apps that enables a sender to collect a one-time payment via credit card, Apple & Android Pay, or ACH (electronic bank transfer) at the same time as collecting signature.

Value and Benefits:

  • Get paid instantly and avoid delays in collecting money owed. 

  • Spend time growing your business rather than manually collecting payments and signed agreements.

  • Prevent inaccuracies and reduce errors to ensure you get paid the right amount. 

  • Deliver a superior customer experience with the ability to sign and pay anytime, anywhere, on any device.

When will Payments be made available?

DocuSign Payments is currently available in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. For more information, visit

Is DocuSign a merchant of record / payment gateway or payment processor?

No. DocuSign is not a merchant of record / payment gateway or payment processor. DocuSign will be integrating with payment gateways so you can easily log into your preferred payment gateway within the DocuSign Sending experience to request payments. the customer becomes the merchant of record by signing up through payments gateways like Stripe.

Which payment gateways and payment methods are supported?

DocuSign currently offers integrations with Stripe, PayPal (via Braintree), and The following payment methods are supported with each gateway:

Stripe - Credit Card, ACH, Apple & Android Pay
Paypal (via Braintree) - Credit Card & Paypal
Authorize.Net - Credit Card & ACH

DocuSign is actively developing integrations with additional gateway providers, and expanding support for additional payment methods. For the latest information, visit

Does DocuSign charge payment transaction fees?

No. DocuSign does NOT charge payment transaction fees. Please refer to your payment gateway for details regarding transaction fees.

How do I allow the signer/payer to cover the gateway transaction fees as well as the base amount due?

This can be accomplished by using a payment formula field in DocuSign. Stripe's support site provides a formula to calculate the amount they would need to charge to cover their fees: While this article is written for Stripe users, the same principals would apply for any payment gateway. You can build that formula into the payment field(s) on the document if you set the payment field to be a formula. You could either have one field that does the whole calculation, or you could have a payment field for the base amount and a second payment field that just calculates the added fee, depending on how you want to present it to the signer/payer.

What information from DocuSign Payments is passed through to the payment gateway for reporting purposes?

DocuSign will pass the envelope ID, recipient name, email, and optional Product Name, Product SKU, and Product Details fields as meta data.  For PayPal/Braintree, please note that this meta data will only be captured by Braintree if you have configured your Braintree account to expect this meta data.  For instructions on how to complete this pre-configuration, see this article.

Are credit cards numbers automatically saved and stored with DocuSign?

DocuSign does collect the credit card data but does NOT process the card or store the data.

In signing, there is a form that collects signers’ credit card data if a payment request is included in the envelope.  That is a DocuSign-hosted form, so we do collect the credit card data.  The credit card data is then passed from the form, through our servers (in temporary memory only), to the payment gateway, along with some payment details (like the amount).  The gateway then sends a response to DocuSign to let us know that it is a valid card with sufficient funds for the transaction – authorizing but not charging the payment request.  The gateway also passes us a token which allows us to later request that credit card be charged, but only one time and only for the same amount that was originally authorized.  We do this so we can process the charge when the envelope is complete rather than at the moment of signing, so that our customers don’t have to issue refunds when envelopes void.

Are signers/payers able to save their credit card info or do they enter it for every envelope?

They must re-enter for each envelope because DocuSign does not store credit cards.

What limitations exist for the transaction amount?

DocuSign maintains some per-transaction and velocity limits to protect system performance. If you intend to process a high volume of transactions (or a smaller volume of high value transactions), please contact your Account Manager to discuss your account's current limits.

Can a sender of an envelope use multiple payment tags on an agreement?

Multiple payment tags are supported and this information will be passed to the payment gateway as separate line items.

How long does an authorization exist before being voided?

Each payment gateway maintains their own rules for how long an authorization stays valid before it is voided.  Please contact your payment gateway provider to learn what their prior authorization capture rules are.

DocuSign obtains the initial authorization when the Signer/Payer authorizes the transaction (when they finish signing). However, the request to capture an authorization is not sent until the entire envelope completes. If the envelope has additional signers after the payer, it may be several days before the request to capture the funds are submitted. DocuSign will attempt to re-capture payment info before completing the envelope if the authorization has expired before we are able to capture payment.

What notifications are sent when payment is completed?

All DocuSign notifications will be sent to the customer when the envelope is completed which is confirmation that a payment was charged and posted. The customer can also configure their Payment Gateway account to notify the customer and/or payer of the payment posting.

How does a Signer/Payer or Sender/Payee access the transaction details when the envelope is complete?

Security transaction details are private between Signer/Payer and Sender/Payee. An email will be sent to both parties with details about the transaction.

Does DocuSign Payments work with In-person Signing and PowerForms ?

Yes. DocuSign Payments will work with In-person Signing and PowerForms. 

Does DocuSign Payments work with DocuSign for Salesforce?

DocuSign Payments is compatible with DocuSign for Salesforce. However Salesforce payment data does not get automatically passed directly to the “Payments” field but will need to be manually entered by the sender once in DocuSign or a sender can set up a template with a formula payment tag configured to equal a field that was passed in from Salesforce (an indirect method to create a payment field from Salesforce data).

In addition, payment metadata (including  Item Name, Item SKU, and Item Details) will NOT be passed to / from Salesforce but will be only visible in the payment gateway.

Are there any features currently not currently compatible with DocuSign Payments?

Some advanced options like AutoPlace, Standards-Base Signatures, CFR Part 11, and Document Markup.