DocuSign eSignature for NetSuite Frequently Asked Questions


Does NetSuite offer merge fields? 
Yes, you can automatically import data from a NetSuite record into a DocuSign template by creating a Custom Button with Form. Step by step instructions can be found in our Quick Start Guide.

Can you turn off automatic document attachment from the record's file attachments?
Yes. Create a custom button with form and uncheck the box for "Load Record Attachments".

Can NetSuite apply a template to a document using a custom button?
Yes, create a custom button. You can create a custom button with code using Custom Button Scripts or with our Custom Button Form, a click-and-type codeless GUI.

Can NetSuite utilize custom automatic anchor text/autoplace similar to how DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce does?
Yes. For example, if you have a saved custom field that your user has access to with an autoplace string containing {r} (i.e. /custom_{r}/) then you can place that string on the document that will be attached from NetSuite with {r} replaced with the recipient number (i.e. /custom_1/).

This is a universal API feature, see:


How can I check which DocuSign for NetSuite version I'm on and find updates?
Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List

Find DocuSign for Netsuite in the list and it will indicate whether an update is available.

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How can I update the connected DocuSign admin (a.k.a. the Send on behalf of user)?
Follow the steps below as a full NetSuite administrator:

  1. Go to: Setup -> Configure -> Set Up DocuSign
  2. Click the button "Switch DocuSign Account"
  3. Log in with DocuSign credentials
  4. Click "Save Configuration"
Why aren't any DocuSign buttons showing up for either me or one of my users?
The affected user may not have DocuSign enabled for them in NetSuite, try checking here:
  1. Click Customization->Scripting->Script Deployments  
  2. Click the “Edit” link of the script “customdeploy_docusign_ui” 
  3. In the “Audience” tab, select the users to enable DocuSign.  (Only the selected users/audiences will be able to see the DocuSign Button and Tab). 
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Where do I go to add or find custom button scripts?
Documents > Files > File Cabinet. Then in the file cabinet go to SuiteBundles > Bundle 351444 > DocuSign > Custom Button Scripts > Samples.

API and Writeback Info and Troubleshooting

Does DocuSign eSignature for NetSuite use REST or SOAP API?

How do envelopes sent from NetSuite write back to NetSuite?
DocuSign eSignature for NetSuite uses API envelope level writeback called eventNotifications (see example below), this sets custom Connect parameters at the envelope level which will have the writeback URL required to get back to NetSuite.

Also utilized is a feature called the Sweeper, which checks the status of in-process envelopes at a specified interval (every 8 hours by default) using GET envelope status calls.

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