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Digital Signatures
Standards-Based Signatures Combined PDF Digital Signature Missing
Digital Signature missing in Adobe Signature Panel.
Unable to select “Add Digital Signature to Outgoing Messages” checkbox in MS Outlook
When attempting to enable “Add Digital Signature to Outgoing Messages” in MS Outlook, you may find the checkbox cannot be selected.
How to Enable 'Sign with CoSign' Right-Click Menu Option in Internet Explorer
Instructions on enabling the "Sign with CoSign" right-click menu extension within Internet Explorer from OmniSign.
How to download the Root Certificate and CRL
Instructions for downloading Signature Appliance root certificate and CRL
How-to download the software that allows documents to be digitally signed locally
To sign Word and Excel documents locally on a PC, take the following steps:
Recipients unable to open and verify digitally signed Outlook emails
When sending digitally signed email via Outlook, recipients are unable to properly open and verify signatures.
Adobe shows that the signature is not LTV enabled on the completed DocuSign PDF
LTV stands for “Long Term Validation”. When a document is LTV enabled, that means that all of the certificate and revocation information is embedded in the docume...
Standards-Based Signatures - At Least One Signature has Problems
Completed PDF has yellow warning: At least one signature has problems