Standards-Based Signatures - At Least One Signature has Problems


Completed PDF has yellow warning: At least one signature has problems in Adobe.

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This is expected behavior, if you have not explicitly trusted the DocuSign Signing Certificate. You will need to add the trusted certificate in Adobe.

Trust the DocuSign root certificate in Adobe.

1. Open PDF.
2. Click the Signature Panel button (see above).
3. Select the signature with the yellow warning symbol.
4. Right click and select Signature Details | Show Signature Properties.
5. Click Show Signers Certificate button.

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6. In the Certificate Viewer dialog, in the left frame, select the Root Certificate issued by DocuSign.
7. Select the Trust tab.
8. Click Add to Trusted Certificates.

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9. After trusting this certificate, you will need to re-validate the signatures to get a Green signature bar in Adobe.