Digital Signatures

Recipients unable to open and verify digitally signed Outlook emails
When sending digitally signed email via Outlook, recipients are unable to properly open and verify signatures.
Sign with itsme - DocuSign Signer Guide
Get step-by-step instructions for signing a document with DocuSign and a Belgian digital identity from itsme.
My signature appears invalid in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
When opening documents downloaded from DocuSign, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC displays the error "At least one signature is invalid". We can assure you that the signa...
Sign around the world with a digital certificate - DocuSign
A personal digital certificate verifies your identity every time you sign. Learn how DocuSign supports signing with certificates to comply with local laws.
Apply Electronic Seals to Your Documents
DocuSign offers electronic seals to certify the integrity and origin of documents. For example, a company may apply an electronic seal on an invoice before sendin...
Bulk Send and Standards-Based Signature Types
You can use bulk send with standards-based signature (SBS) types. If your account is an SBS account, this guide explains how to prepare a bulk send list that incl...
Standards-Based Signatures - At Least One Signature has Problems
Completed PDF has yellow warning: At least one signature has problems
Standards-Based Signatures Combined PDF Digital Signature Missing
Digital Signature missing in Adobe Signature Panel.
Notice stating a digital ID is required when trying to send an email
When attempting to send an email, an "Invalid Certificate" prompt is received along with an information dialog regarding Digital IDs.
How to Enable 'Sign with CoSign' Right-Click Menu Option in Internet Explorer
Instructions on enabling the "Sign with CoSign" right-click menu extension within Internet Explorer from OmniSign.
How to download the Root Certificate and CRL
Instructions for downloading Signature Appliance root certificate and CRL
Standards-Based Signatures - The Digital ID used to Certify/Ubiquitize/ Sign this document in Demo
Acrobat security message: The Digital ID used to Certify/Ubiquitize/ Sign this document has been issued for Adobe's internal test purposes only. Hence the identit...
How to print an entire Excel Workbook to a single PDF file using OmniSign
If there are multiple individual sheets within an Excel workbook and the aim is to create and sign a PDF using OmniSign while choosing to print the Entire Workboo...