Change Signatures
Adopting a Signature- New Signing Experience
During signing you are asked to adopt a signature. This topic explains the new signature adoption process.
Create a Signature - New DocuSign Experience
You can edit or delete an existing signature, or add a new one. Choose one of the preformatted styles, upload image files, or draw your signature.
Signature Adoption Configuration - New DocuSign Experience
The Signature Adoption Configuration view is used to set the signing options for the account. From this view, account administrators can specify which signing mo...
Adding or editing a graphical signature in CoSign Cloud
When digitally signing with CoSign, users are referred to a Signing Ceremony. Users can easily add a new graphical signature or edit an existing one with a few si...
Signature and Initial Formatting - Classic DocuSign Experience
This topic provide information about using the DocuSign frame on signatures.
Signature Adoption Configuration - Classic DocuSign Experience
This describes the signature adoption configuration settings.