Change Signatures

How do I change my signature or adopt a custom signature?
Learn how to configure the signatures in your account. You can add, edit and delete signatures in your account using these steps.
Create a Signature - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
You can edit or delete an existing signature, or add a new one. Choose one of the preformatted styles, upload image files, or draw your signature.
Adopting a Signature - DocuSign eSignature
During signing you are asked to adopt a signature. This topic explains the new signature adoption process.
Signature Adoption Configuration - DocuSign eSignature Admin Guide
The Signature Adoption Configuration view is used to set the signing options for the account. From this view, account administrators can specify which signing mo...
Change Signing Responsibility - DocuSign Signer Guide
As a signer, you can opt to assign the signing responsibility to a different signer. If the envelope contains documents more appropriate to be signed by someone e...