How do I determine if a recipient used the Print and Sign feature?
There is an optional column in the Document Recipient Report called Signed on Paper.
How do I set up and troubleshoot an automated Retrieve Task
Step-by-step instructions on creating, troubleshooting and scheduling Retrieve tasks.
Schedule, Download, or Print Reports - New DocuSign Experience
You can set up a recurring schedule to automatically run reports. You can have the report sent by email as a zipped CSV file.
Using Reports - New DocuSign Experience
The Reports feature allows users and administrators to run, customize, schedule, and download and print reports for their account.
View and Modify Reports - New DocuSign Experience
For any report, you can modify the date range, filters, and columns displayed to deliver the information you want.
DocuSign Retrieve Guide
DocuSign Retrieve is a windows-based tool that "retrieves" envelopes, documents, and data from DocuSign for use in external systems.
DocuSign Signature Appliance - Audit Log Time Format (CreationTime)
The CreationTime value is time_t (Epoch & Unix Timestamp), is defined as the number of seconds since midnight (GMT time) on January 1, 1970. Excel doesn't contai...
How to Find Logs for Retrieve
How to find Retrieve logs and caveats associated with logging.