Gen Administration

DocuSign CLM Implementation Best Practices Guide
Getting Started With DocuSign CLM - Implementation Best Practices Guide
DocuSign Gen for Salesforce Admin Guide (PDF)
This guide shows you how to install and set up DocuSign Gen for Salesforce.
Legacy Gen Migration
How-to for migrating users and templates from the legacy DocuSign Gen app to the new DocuSign Apps Launcher Gen app; and for uninstalling the legacy Gen app and d...
Gen Troubleshooting Guide
Administrator's guide to troubleshooting issues with Gen and Gen template configurations.
DocuSign CLM Single Sign On
Set up your DocuSign CLM account so users can access DocuSign CLM via an identity provider or the API.
DocuSign CLM Administrator Guide
Administrators are resposible for the account and user management portions of the DocuSign CLM application. Admins also maintain product integrations (e.g., Sales...
DocuSign CLM - Custom Menus and Toolbars
In the Documents section under the View menu dropdown, Super Administrators can "Customize Menu" and "Customize Toolbar" to determine which actions are visible fo...
Clone a Gen Template
How-to for using the Clone feature to copy existing Gen templates to be modified and repurposed for new use cases.
Use Conditional Logic in Gen Templates
How-to for using the Gen UI to insert conditional "Match" and "Does Not Match" logic into Gen Data Tags.
DocuSign Gen Admin FAQs
DocuSign Gen frequently asked questions and their answers.
Import Data for Gen
How-to for importing data to your Salesforce org that can then be used to create Gen templates.
Gen Glossary of Terms
A catalogue explaining the meanings of terms used in the DocuSign Gen interface.
Edit a Gen Template
How-to for editing existing DocuSign Gen templates in the DocuSign Apps Launcher admin interface.