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View Settings for Closing Packages - Rooms for Mortgage
If a role typically participates in the mortgage closing process, Rooms administrators select which closing package view is appropriate for that role. Read about ...
Review Your Closing Package Configuration - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how administrators can review their existing DocuSign Rooms for Mortgage configuration to evaluate whether changes are required before members begin working...
Create Templates for Room Invitation Email Messages - DocuSign Rooms
Learn how to create templates for the email messages people receive when they are invited to a room. Templates are unique to the invitee's role, allowing administ...
Create eNotes Using DocuSign eNote by eOriginal - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how administrators can set up DocuSign Rooms for Mortgage so company members can create eNotes for their mortgage transactions.
Encompass Integration - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how DocuSign Rooms for Mortgage administrators can set up an integration with Encompass. This integration lets you add your Encompass eFolder attachments to...
Auto-Populate Room Details with Loan Origination System (LOS) Data - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how administrators can create a form that auto-populates data from the LOS to DocuSign Rooms. When users split a loan package, field values copy from the fo...
DocuSign Rooms System Requirements
Look up the system requirements for DocuSign Rooms, including the browsers we support.
Role Permissions List - Rooms for Mortgage
Reference a list of user role permissions available in DocuSign Rooms for Mortgage. Role permissions let administrators control access to administrative functions...
Create a Role to Group Member Permissions - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how administrators create roles in DocuSign Rooms. A member's role determines what they can do in the application.
Understanding Roles and Permissions in DocuSign Rooms - Rooms for Mortgage
Read about roles in DocuSign Rooms and how they allow administrators to assign sets of permissions to members based on their job responsibilities.
Configure Your Company Settings - DocuSign Rooms
Learn how to set up your DocuSign Rooms company contact information, branding, currency, privacy, and security settings. Administrators should complete this infor...
Mortgage Cadence Integration - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how Mortgage Cadence customers can set up an integration to access Collaboration Center folders within Rooms for Mortgage.
Redirect Members After They Activate Their Rooms Account - DocuSign Rooms
If your company leverages the Rooms API to invite members to DocuSign Rooms, learn how administrators can automatically redirect members to your company site afte...
Lock or Close a Member Account - DocuSign Rooms
Administrators can lock or close a member account to prevent that person from accessing the application.
Require Two-Step Verification to Access a Room - Rooms for Mortgage
You can require two-step verification to access a room. This added layer of security requires people with certain roles to provide a security code after logging in.
Add Regions and Offices to Define Your Company Structure - DocuSign Rooms
Learn how administrators can set up regions and offices for your company account.
Create Task List Templates to Standardize Tasks - Rooms for Mortgage
Create task list templates to ensure consistent processes across your company.
Create Rules to Automatically Split a Loan Package - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how administrators can create rules to auto-identify and split documents in a loan package, drastically reducing the time to prepare closing documents and o...
Configure Detail Fields for Company Rooms - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how to configure the detail fields for your company rooms.
Bulk Update a Member's Room Access - DocuSign Rooms
If you have permission to manage members, you can schedule an update to add or remove a member from rooms in bulk.
Rooms for Mortgage User Guide (PDF)
This guide gives you an overview of how to set up and use Rooms for Mortgage.
Add Member Accounts - DocuSign Rooms
Learn how to add users to DocuSign Rooms.
PDF Split Templates - DocuSign Rooms
If you regularly split the same PDF documents, consider creating PDF split templates for your company.
Change a Member's Company Role - DocuSign Rooms
Learn how to change a member's role in DocuSign Rooms.
Room Templates - Rooms for Mortgage
Room templates simplify the room creation process for your company.