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Change a Member's Company Role - DocuSign Rooms
Learn how to change a member's role in DocuSign Rooms.
Add Members - DocuSign Rooms
Learn how to add users to DocuSign Rooms.
Set up Your Company - DocuSign Rooms
After you activate your Rooms account, add your company settings, and begin setting up your company.
Set up Regions and Offices - DocuSign Rooms
Learn how to set up regions and offices to define your company's structure.
Rooms for Mortgage Quick Start Guide (PDF)
This guide gives you an overview of how to set up and use Rooms for Mortgage.
Task List Templates - DocuSign Rooms
Create task list templates to ensure consistent processes across your company.
Room Templates - Rooms for Mortgage
Room templates simplify the room creation process for your company.
Configure Room Details - Rooms for Mortgage
Learn how to configure the detail fields for your company's rooms.
Roles and Permissions - Rooms for Mortgage
Create custom roles with permissions that make sense for your company.