Release Notes

July 2020 eSignature Release Notes - Prod
Core Product Release completed Monday July 6, 2020
  • Improved the granularity and usability of delegated administrator permission profiles in eSignature Admin.
  • Administrators of DocuSign’s Validator for Life Sciences can now view a list of past Validation Reports.
  • eSignature Value Calculator: Administrators can now leverage industry and use case benchmarks to estimate current and future business value of eSignature.
  • In DocuSign Admin, a diagnostic health check for Display Appliances in Display Appliance Pools has been added.
  • 21 CFR Enhancement: Part 11 envelope and authentication.
  • CLM customers can now perform bulk actions for users in DocuSign Admin Center.
  • Signing: Ability to streamline user login process.
June 2020 eSignature Release Notes - Production
Product Release Completed Saturday June 6, 2020
  • Globalization: Ability to select branding languages. Admins can select a subset of languages for a brand, and default branding languages
  • 21 CFR Part 11 : The Specify Recipient role is no longer blocked from specifying "account-less" recipients.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 : Alternative Signing Option
  • Admin/Org Admin: New administration options for ID Evidence in the ID Verification menu in eSignature Admin
  • Admin/Org Admin: New Sending Setting in eSignature Admin
  • Admin/Org Admin: Enhancements for Appliance Pools in DocuSign Admin
  • Admin/Org Admin: Validator for Life Sciences Enhancement
May 2020 eSignature Release Notes - Production
  • Third-Party Login for Identity Providers - Users from outside your claimed domain can now be enabled to login to DocuSign via your Identity Provider.
  • Updated the breadcrumbs in DocuSign Admin Center to only display on pages that are second-level and below.
  • Improved the user experience of editing an ID Verification configuration in eSignature Admin by rearranging the sections to streamline the process
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