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“Jon was very nice, professional and listened. What I liked the best was he told me he would call me back when the issue was resolved and he did! Jon is a true asset to your DocuSign team!”
“Cassandra was patient, persistent, easy to understand, and helped me resolve my problem with logos very quickly.”
"Oscar was very knowledge and patient when dealing with my issue. Additionally, he was professional and polite."
“Amy was very patient with me as I am brand new to DocuSign – she knew the answers to every question I had and was so nice to deal with. An outstanding representative of your company.”
Customer Support Agent of the Quarter
All our people are great, but each quarter we like to highlight one person that has done a fabulous job!

After only 7 months at DocuSign, and with his incredible ability to learn, André has absorbed an immeasurable amount of knowledge. André is loved by customers and coworkers, due to his desire and dedication to always help, regardless of the situation.

Read what some of our customer’s had to say about him!

“André is a fantastic analyst, the best of the team. He answered with all his good experience and clarification. He deserves to be promoted!”

“André always provides a service of excellent quality, besides being very capable and friendly. Congratulations!”

“The experience with the support was great, congratulations to André and DocuSign who managed to implement this quality standard in their support!”

Here is some additional information from André himself.

– In what city were you born?
São Miguel do Araguaia, Brazil

– What do you like most about DocuSign?
There is always someone willing to help when they can. It is the first place I have worked where I truly feel that everyone is accessible and willing to help each other.

– Three words to best describe you:
Thinks too much.

– What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?
The ability to learn about new technology and helping people.