User Management

SpringCM User Roles
SpringCM user roles define what the maximum level of access is that a user has in your environment.
SpringCM Groups
The Group feature in the Admin > User Management section lets you to create and modify one or more groups of SpringCM users which will be used to define access to...
Reset a SpringCM Password
Reset Password lets users create a new password if they have trouble logging in. Reset Password also gives administrators the ability to change a user's password ...
SpringCM Task Groups
Task Groups are user queues used exclusively for the automated assignment of workflow tasks.
SpringCM Delegated Permissions
Delegated Permissions are a flexible way to create lighter admin roles so you can delegate access to specific areas without having to delegate to all areas.
Group User Management in SpringCM
The route you take with SpringCM group user management depends on the need you have for a particular task.