User Management

Manage Users - DocuSign eSignature Admin Guide
The Users view lets you manage the users on your account. You can add, edit, close, reset passwords, and modify sharing for your users. Keywords: add users; add a...
Upload Users: Add and Update Users in Bulk
Add users or update users in bulk by uploading a CSV with user data.
Envelope Sharing Between Account Users - DocuSign eSignature Admin Guide
Envelope sharing permits users on the same account to see and take action on shared envelopes. Sharing is enabled on an individual user basis. Envelope sharing ca...
Closed Users Automatically Filtered or "Hidden" in the Admin Area
Finding Users in DocuSign and FAQ - Closed Users will by default not show in the Users list. Learn how to find users in order to manage their settings, Envelopes,...
Add or Remove Users From DocuSign Permission Sets in Salesforce to Manage App Security
Learn about the names and functions of the DocuSign Apps Launcher permission sets.
DocuSign CLM Task Groups
Task Groups are user queues used exclusively for the automated assignment of workflow tasks.
DocuSign CLM Groups
The Group feature in the Admin > User Management section lets you to create and modify one or more groups of DocuSign CLM users which will be used to define acces...
Group User Management in DocuSign CLM
The route you take with DocuSign CLM group user management depends on the need you have for a particular task.
Reset a DocuSign CLM.CM Password
Reset Password lets users create a new password if they have trouble logging in. Reset Password also gives administrators the ability to change a user's password ...
DocuSign CLM Delegated Permissions
Delegated Permissions are a flexible way to create lighter admin roles so you can delegate access to specific areas without having to delegate to all areas.
DocuSign CLM Users Report
DocuSign CLM.CM has a default Users report that is present in all DocuSign CLM.CM accounts. This is a legacy report and is not available for DocuSign CLM users. S...
DocuSign CLM User Roles
DocuSign CLM user roles define what the maximum level of access is that a user has in your environment.
DocuSign CLM User Management
Administrators can create and manage DocuSign CLM users, security groups and queues.
(Legacy) Remove Users - DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce v7
How to remove users from your DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce package, or remove users and close their DocuSign account. This guide applies to the standalon...
(Legacy) Work with Users - DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce v7
How to add and remove users or administrators in DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce. This guide applies to the standalone (Legacy) DocuSign eSignature for Sale...
(Legacy) DocuSign for Salesforce Troubleshooting Page
How-to for using the DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce Troubleshooting page to: Migrate Account Settings Force User Sync Delete DocuSign Credentials Add Ne...
(Legacy) Add Users - DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce v7
How to add a Salesforce user to the DocuSign account, or add a user and make the user an administrator for the DocuSign account. This guide applies to the stan...
Create and Edit a DocuSign CLM User
DocuSign CLM users, generally called Full Subscribers, need to be created and licensed in the DocuSign CLM account so they can create and manage documents.
DocuSign CLM User Profiles
Each user in DocuSign CLM needs to have a permission profile assigned. The three profiles are CLM Admin, CLM User and CLM Viewer. These are assigned in DocuSign A...
Add CLM Admin Permission Profile to Existing User
You can add a CLM Admin permission profile to an existing eSignature user. This profile option is only available once CLM has been turned on in the org.
Add a New User as a CLM Admin
Organization admins can access DocuSign CLM by default; however, you need to add at least one CLM admin to the org. The CLM admin can then access the CLM account....