What is this long number-CF7DFBC5D3EC45C88AF98827DBEFAD051-and what do I do with it?

When you receive an email inviting you to electronically sign a DocuSign document, a 33-character alphanumeric security code appears at the bottom of the email. This string of letters and numbers is a unique ID for the document you received. Use this code to get the document to sign, save, and print.

Note: You CANNOT access the document by entering this string in a search bar. You must go to the DocuSign website and click the Access Documents link.


Note: Depending on the sender's account settings, the code may appear in one of these two formats.

To use the security code

  1. Go to www.docusign.com.
  2. At the top right of the page, next to LOG IN, click Access Documents.
  3. Copy the security code from the email and paste into the Security Code text box, and click GO.

The document associated with this unique ID opens. You can now sign, download and save, print, and perform "More" actions on the document, depending on the permissions the sender has given you.