Welcome to DocuSign EasySign: A Transition Portal for Senders

This page is a resource for those who are transitioning from DocuSign eSignature to use our new offering, DocuSign EasySign, to send documents for signature.

What is DocuSign EasySign?

DocuSign EasySign combines the benefits of DocuSign's powerful eSignature platform with a simpler and more intuitive user interface. 

How do you know if you're using DocuSign EasySign?

Here's how you can determine if you're using the simplified user interface:

  1. Log in to your account 
  2. Click the help icon 
  3. If you see DocuSign EasySign at the bottom of the Help menu, congratulations - you're using the simplified user interface!

How is DocuSign EasySign different from DocuSign eSignature?

DocuSign EasySign simplifies sending envelopes and creating and using templates. Here is a list of the key differences between EasySign and the standard DocuSign eSignature interface:

  • A redesigned Home page that makes it easier to find basic tasks for sending and signing. Start an envelope by clicking START NOW or by dragging a document onto the drag-and-drop zone. 
  • A wizard-style step-by-step process for creating and sending an envelope
  • A new review step that offers easier access to envelopes and private messages, and advanced options such as automated reminders and envelope expiration settings
  • A new way of creating templates with the same guided process used for envelopes, making it easy to create templates whenever you need them

Will this change affect my signers?

DocuSign EasySign is for the sending interface only. It will not affect the way your recipients sign documents.
Are you a DocuSign administrator?

The DocuSign Admin view remains the same for users with DocuSign EasySign.  Please refer to our DocuSign Admin documentation available on the Support center under Manage: Administration.


User Documentation

DocuSign EasySign User Guide 
This User Guide offers detailed how-to information for the following tasks:

  • Send a document
  • Send a document to a list of recipients
  • Forward documents
  • Sign a document
  • Correct envelopes
  • Save an envelope as a template
  • Create a template  
  • Use templates
  • Use multiple templates in an envelope


The following video provides an overview of how to send a document using DocuSign EasySign. 

Need more help?

From your DocuSign account, you can click the help icon for links to our Support Center, the DocuSign Community, and contact information for our Customer Support team. 


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