Rooms for Real Estate - Version 6 FAQs

DocuSign is proud to announce a new version of Rooms for Real Estate! Version 6 delivers a new infrastructure that incorporates many of the game-changing features our customers have been asking for.

Current Rooms for Real Estate version 5 customers can begin upgrading to version 6 in early 2020. In the meantime, we'll provide you with resources to make the upgrade as simple as possible.

Why upgrade? How is version 6 different?

Below are just a few reasons why you'll want to upgrade.
  • Custom roles. Define custom user roles that make sense for your brokerage. With version 6, create the roles you want, as many as you want, with the power to choose specific permissions for each of them. Need to make updates later? Easily change someone's role anytime.
  • Flexibility. No two companies are alike, so you need more flexibility to make Rooms work for you. In version 6, make moves you couldn't before. We let you do more, but we've also built more permissions and audit trail features so you can see and control who's doing what.
  • Improved usability. You want fewer clicks to get work done. We gathered your feedback, reviewed the existing workflows, and realized we could do better. We think you'll like the small improvements that make a big impact.

How do I upgrade? Is the upgrade required?

Company admins and managers will receive communication via email and the in-app banner as we get closer to upgrade time. We will eventually retire version 5.

I'm not sure which version of Rooms I'm using. How do I check?

Your Rooms version number displays in the footer of the application. In Rooms, scroll down to the footer of any page, and you'll see VERSION 5 or VERSION 6.

Can I work with a company that's on a different version of Rooms?

Yes. If someone invites you to a room and the company is using a different version of Rooms, you can work in the room as you usually would. However, your permissions might be different from the rooms you've created.

A version badge displays in the room header if the room was created by a company on a different version. For example, if your company is on version 5, you'll see a VERSION 6 badge on any version 6 rooms you've been invited to.