Benefits of the New DocuSign Experience

What's New in the New DocuSign Experience

The New DocuSign Experience offers many improvements based on research and customer feedback; combining the benefits of our powerful platform with an improved interface for sending and managing documents. 


Improved features that enables faster sending and task-completion. New users send 19% faster than on the New DocuSign Experience compared to the Classic DocuSign Experience.


The New DocuSign Experience makes the sending experience of getting signatures easier such as:

  • The drag-and-drop file upload
  • One-click to use a template
  • Bulk-send improvements
  • The signing order diagram, which allows for better visualization of signing order
  • Autosave, because the New DocuSign Experience architecture is Restful, which means all actions that the user is doing are constantly sent back to the platform
  • And the New DocuSign Admin includes capabilities for administrators such as audit logs (learn more)


Only the New DocuSign Experience includes newest product innovation from DocuSign, so it is the place to be to take of new features such as these examples already available in some plans and areas: 

  • Supplemental documents, used to provide additional information to recipients which do not require signatures, such as legal disclosures or terms and conditions
  • An electronic version of the Hanko to support the Japanese market
  • Standards-Based Signatures, to ensure agreements are compliant in Europe and other regulated industries
  • For more information, including an on-demand video series, visit the New DocuSign Experience Transition Portal.

What does the New DocuSign Experience look like?


New DocuSign Experience Feature Availability matrixFor those transitioning, details the available product features in the New DocuSign Experience.
Welcome to the New DocuSign ExperienceFor new users, provides an overview of how to get started with the New DocuSign Experience and a list of introductory videos for basic tasks.
New DocuSign Experience - Sending Documents (video)For new users, provides an overview on how to send documents in the New DocuSign Experience.
New DocuSign Experience Transition Resource PortalFor those transitioning, includes resources to help with the transition from the classic to new experience.