Why is Sign in Person recipient action not supported with PowerForms?

The Sign in Person recipient action is not supported with PowerForms because the Signing Host must have an account and with PowerForms the signer may not have an existing DocuSign account.

PowerForm: A feature that allows users to create and send forms that work in conjunction with the DocuSign System to create transactions that do not require users to send documents from DocuSign. PowerForms utilize a template from your DocuSign Template library and are dependent on the contents of the template for the documents, roles, tags and other information.

Sign in person Recipient Action: A Recipient Action setting that is used when a signer does not have access to email, but is in the same physical location as a DocuSign user that will act as a Signing Host for the transaction. When this action is selected, the recipient is the Signing Host and a new separate Signer Name field appears for the signer’s name. The Signing Host must have a DocuSign account and is set when an envelope is created.

Does my DocuSign plan support this feature?