Why am I being prompted to Select a User at login?

You are being prompted to Select a User at login, it is because you have more than one DocuSign account set up with the same Email and Password.


Our goal is to create a platform to ensure all identity features work consistently across all DocuSign applications. If you have more than one DocuSign account with the same username/email and password, you will be prompted to choose the account that you would like to log into:

Account Switcher
Note: If you are trying to access a document from an email notification, and you are prompted to Select a User and the click on the wrong account, you may get the error message: Your Session has Timed Out. Try again, but select a different account in the Select a User dialog.

To return to your session: Select the button in the email that initiated the session to continue from where you left off.

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Switch Accounts and Set a Default Account