Why am I being asked to verify my identity when logging in from a new device?

At DocuSign, we prioritize the safety and security of your Agreement experience. That's why our Login Security team is always evaluating new ways to ensure that it's actually you logging into your account.

One way we do this is when you log in with a password, you'll be asked to verify your email from any new device. Device Verification might be something that you're used to seeing for other online accounts you use, and it's an additional step to keep your documents safe. The goal of Device Verification is to add another check to make sure it's you, which will add extra protection if your password is stolen.

Here's how it works:
  1. When you log in from an unrecognized device or browser, you'll see a prompt to send a code to one of your recovery methods on file, or your primary email address.
  2. Check your email (or SMS or authenticator app) for the code.
  3. Enter this code into the login prompt.
  4. Next time you log in from the same browser, you'll bypass this prompt.
Adding this extra step means that if someone tries to access your account from a new browser, they'll trigger Device Verification, but they will be blocked from continuing without using the verification code sent to your email inbox.
It's important to note that this means you'll need to have access to your login email's inbox to verify the new device; otherwise, you'll get locked out and will be unable to receive the verification code. For this reason, we recommend you always use a current email for logging into DocuSign. If you need to update your email, you can do so on your DocuSign Profile: Change Your Email Address - DocuSign eSignature User Guide
If you want to take extra steps to secure your account, we recommend you enable Two-Step Verification (TSV) on your profile. Using TSV, you can choose alternatives to verify each login based on the additional recovery information added to your profile. Once TSV is on, each time you log in, you'll be prompted for an extra verification either to your email, your phone, an authenticator app, or by logging in from a trusted device. For more information on TSV and instructions for enabling it, please visit our Support Center: Two-Step Verification - DocuSign eSignature User Guide

If you don't want to use this security feature, you can opt-out all together by going to your DocuSign Profile and disabling Device Verification on the Privacy & Security tab.