When sending an envelope from zipForm 6, how do I resize/rescale the signature and initial tags?

You can resize or rescale the signature and initial tags in your DocuSign documents. First log in to zipForm, complete the recipient information, and then preview the DocuSign envelope by clicking the Modify in DocuSign button.

  1. Login to zipForm 6.
  2. Open a Transaction.
  3. Click on the File tab.
  4. From the eSign drop-down list, click Sign.
  5. In the eSign Selection box. select the specific forms, recipients, and roles in the normal way.
  6. Click the Modify in DocuSign button.

zipform_click the Modify in DocuSign button

Your DocuSign account opens as a new tab in your web browser, and the envelope you created is displayed in this tab.

  1. In DocuSign, go to the tagging page to view your documents.
  2. To resize or rescale a tag:
    1. Click on the specific Signature or Initial tag that you wish to resize.
    2. Adjust the scale of the tag by clicking and then dragging the slider bar that appears on the left side of the tag up or down as desired.

Sign Here tag with sizing slider Sign Here tag at 80%

  1. Once the tag is the desired size, click off of the tag to apply the scale.
  2. Repeat steps a through c for any other Signature or Initial tags that you wish to rescale.