When Can an Agent Leave a Room? - Rooms for Real Estate v5

An Agent has the option to leave a Transaction Room that they no longer need to be a part of. Below are different scenarios in which they can or cannot remove themselves from the room.

Scenario # 1:

Agent 1 adds Agent 2 to a Transaction Room, Agent 2 has not added any documents nor has been included in any Envelopes. Agent 2 can leave the Transaction Room by: 
1. In any tab within the Transaction Room select ACTIONS and then select Leave Transaction.

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2. Then you will receive a pop up asking if you would like to Leave the Transaction. Select the Leave option at the bottom. 

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Scenario # 2:

Agent 1 adds Agent 2 to a Transaction Room, they have added documents, but have not been included in any Envelopes.

  • If Agent 2 does not have permission to delete a document, they cannot leave the room until a Manager Level User deletes the document
  • If Agent 2 does have permission to delete the document, they can delete the document and then leave the room once all documents have been removed

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Scenario # 3:

Agent 1 adds Agent 2 to a Transaction Room. Agent 2 has been included in an Envelope…

  • If the Envelope is in process or completed, then Agent 2 cannot leave the room
  • If the Envelope has been Voided or is still a draft, then Agent 2 can leave the room

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YES - Agent 2 can leave if:
  • They have not added any documents
  • There is no Envelope or a voided/draft Envelope
NO - Agent 2 cannot leave if:
  • They have any documents uploaded to the Transaction Room
  • If there is an in process or completed Envelope

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