What kinds of Recipient Authentication are available?

Recipient authentication is an option you can set for individual recipients, requiring them to provide additional information to prove their identity. You can select one authentication method for any of the recipients for a document.

For DocuSign, the available authentication methods are:

  • Access Code: The recipient must enter a code that you provide them separately from your DocuSign communications.
  • Phone Authentication: The recipient answer a phone call and provide an authentication code in order to view your document. Learn more...
  • SMS: This method requires the recipient receive an SMS text message containing an access code at a specified phone number
  • Knowledge-Based (KBA): This method requires the recipient to answer detailed questions about themselves, based on data available in public records (such as their current and former addresses).
  • ID Verification: The recipient must provide a government ID or European eID. Learn More

Note: Phone, SMS, KBA and ID verification incur a per use fee. See your account administrator for details.

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Recipient Authentication - DocuSign eSignature User Guide