What information from DocuSign Payments will be passed through to the payment gateway (Stripe) for reporting purposes?

DocuSign will pass two types of data to Stripe, transaction data and metadata. The transaction data is data required by Stripe for processing the transaction itself. Exactly what it contains depends upon the exact transaction, but typically includes data such as:
  •     Price
  •     Payment method
  •     Name on credit card
  •     Credit card number
  •     Expiration Date
  •     CCV
This data is stored by Stripe as part of the transaction data.
Other than information required to process the transaction, DocuSign will only be passing through the following data to Stripe:
  •     Envelope ID
  •     Recipient Name
  •     Recipient Email
Optional fields defined by sender.
  •     Item Name
  •     Item Code / SKU
  •     Item Details
This data is stored by Stripe as metadata related to the transaction, as it is not used directly by Stripe for the transaction.