What happens if I exceed the envelope limit on my account?

When you subscribe to a DocuSign eSignature plan, the plan has a set number of envelopes. The envelope limit depends on your plan:

  • Our Personal plan has a limit of five envelopes per month. You cannot send over that amount. Additional envelopes are not available for individual purchase, you can upgrade your plan if you need to send more envelopes.
  • Our Standard and Business Pro plans enable you to send documents for signature based on reasonable use. We believe that volume (i.e. number of envelopes) should not be a deciding factor in selecting your eSignature provider. Our Standard & Business Pro plans, purchased on DocuSign.com, include 100 envelopes per user per year. But we understand that you may be unsure of your volume requirements, so we encourage you to use as many envelopes as you need during your first year, provided that such use is consistent with our Reasonable Use Policy. If you exceed 100 envelopes in your first year, our sales team will contact you to help you choose the plan that best meets your needs as part of your renewal process.
  • Enterprise accounts are customized to reflect your specific needs, so envelope limits vary based on the terms of your plan. If you exceed your envelope limits, then overage charges will apply, as defined by your agreement. These overage charges are applied to your account and appear on your next invoice. If you have any questions about how you are charged for envelope usage, please contact your Account Manager.

Note: If you have exceeded the maximum number of envelopes for your DocuSign eSignature plan, you may receive the following error message.
EnvelopeSends call blocked

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