What field types are available?

Field Types

You can add the following fields to your document:

  • Signature
  • Initial 
  • Date Signed
  • Text This is a free text field for data. 
  • Name First Name, Last Name, or Full Name. Click the  to select a format.
  • Company The user's company.
  • Title The user's title. 
  • Email The recipient's email address.
  • Checkbox Allows recipients to select one or more options. 
  • Radio Button Provides options from which recipients can select only one response. 
  • Drop Down This field provides a drop-down list of options. 
  • Attachment Request additional documentation from a recipient.
  • Note Add a Note for an individual recipient. Notes do not remain on the completed document. 
  • Approve An alternative way for recipients to approve your document.
  • Decline The Decline field works the same way as the Decline signing option.
  • Formula Dynamically calculate a result based on recipient-entered values in other fields. Learn more.