DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate - Using Right-Click Menus

You access options by right-clicking Documents or Transaction Rooms in DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate. Right-click menus are only available in the web application on the Dashboard, Inbox, My Docs, Transactions and Network areas. You can quickly navigate through the DocuSign Transaction Rooms web application and take actions on items with less clicks.

To use this feature, simply move the pointer over either a Document or a Transaction room, right-click, and click the action you wish to take.

Some of the actions you can take on documents are Rename, Move, Copy, Email, Fax, Download, Print and Delete. If the document is a PDF, you can also Edit and Split.

Note: If you do not own the document, you will not be able to Rename or Delete that document.

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Some of the actions you can take on Transaction Rooms are View Details, View Documents, View People, View Envelopes, Edit Transaction and Delete Transaction.

Note: You cannot Edit, Close, or Delete Transaction Rooms that you do not own.

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