Admin FAQ - Rooms for Real Estate v5


1) Should I allow my Agents to delete documents/Transaction Rooms? 
That is an internal Brokerage decision - each agency operates differently, and has different best practice processes that they mandate for their Agents.  
For most instances, we recommend to allow Agents to delete documents and Transaction Rooms in the beginning (a grace period) while new users adjust and play within DTR.  
Note:  If you choose to do this, make sure you establish a very clear date when you plan to turn that ability off for your Agents. 
2) What does it mean to set Permissions for the Company/Region/Office Level? 
You can set different levels of permission for Manager-level users. This sets the visibility and access that the Managers have within the account, as well as defining who can approve what. We call this the DTR Hierarchy.
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3) Do I have to have a Region? 
No, Regions are optional to create. They may be needed depending on the structure of your agency, and can be a great way to create a necessary hierarchy with different levels of access for your Manager-level users. Once a Region is created it cannot be deleted, only renamed. 
4) Do I have to have an Office set up?
Yes, an office is required before you can proceed to add users to your DTR account.
5) Are the Titles visible to all users? 
Yes, manager-level Titles will be visible to people you invite to your Transactions.  

6) Do the Titles affect my Managers permissions?
No. Titles will not affect the Managers' permissions; they serve as a way to visually sort your office. DTR allows you to add Titles, if you so desire, to mock your users' real world titles. 

7) What is a Task List Template?
A Task is an activity that must be completed during the Transaction.  At the Admin Level, Task List Templates can be created to enforce internal processes. An Agent can apply Task List Templates to their deals to make sure they have met all requirements as they work, and for easy collaboration when they are ready to submit them for review/approval to their Manager(s).

8) Who can create a Task List Template?
Only Manager-level users who are granted company manager access.
9) Can Agents edit/delete the Tasks?
This a permission that is granted [or not granted] by the Admin access user that created the Task List Template. They can set it so an Agent can or cannot edit or delete the task.
Note:  If an Agent creates their own solo tasks and applies them to their deals separately from a pre-built Task List Template, then the Agent may edit or remove that individual task at any time. 

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10) What's the difference between the Admin user and a Manager user? 
The original Admin, is the first person invited to the DTR Account.  It is an Administrative seat, allowing that person to setup the Company structure and information, and add users.  They do not have the ability to create/delete/approve Transactions.
Note:  Admins can grant Manager-level users the same rights/access that they have to manage the Account and the Users.  For more information, Click Here.

11) What's the difference between a Manager account and an Agent account?
Managers can do everything that an Agent can do - create Transactions, collaborate etc., plus they can be granted additional permissions (approving deals, managing Company Settings, manage Users, etc.).

For more information, Click Here

12) Can I promote an Agent user to a Manager role once their account is already created?
The System Admin of a Transaction Room brokerage account can promote Agents to a Manager role in the Members tab of the Admin section. For more information, Click Here
13) Can DocuSign invite all of my Agents for me?
DocuSign only sends out the System Admin invite. After that, Manager Level users who have Admin access will have to invite all additional Agents. 
14) Can I rename the detail fields in a Transaction Room?
Yes, the System Admin can rename certain fields in the details tab of a Transaction Room. For more information, Click Here