The System Parameters do not appear in the Appliances Management snap-in

The DocuSign Signature Appliance. Viewing the “System Parameters” from the "Appliances Management” section of the Signature Appliance client.  

You are unable to see the system parameters option in the Appliances Management MMC snap in (See Signature Appliance client>Appliances Management section).
an example of this issue can be seen in the below screenshot;


This can happen for a number of reasons:
1. You are not logged into the appliance. To resolve this, you should right click on the appliance and choose
     All Tasks> login (with an administrator account).
2. If you cannot login with your credentials, you may not be part of the Appliance Administrator’s group (AD only). An Administrator on the appliance can check this via System Parameters> Users       Directory. This can be seen in the screenshot below:

User-added image
3. The appliance has been configured to allow only the Built in admin have access to the management of the systemparameters (System Parameters>Users Directory). See the last option on the          above screenshot. If this is set to“True”, this is probably the cause.

Note: You should always be able to login using the build in admin (DI or AD mode).

Thank you,
The CoSign Group at DocuSign Support

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