Strikethrough for Real Estate

DocuSign’s Line markup tool

DocuSign’s new Line markup tool enables Real Estate professionals to strikethrough text and clauses on standard agreements within DocuSign to modify and prepare documents quickly and get them to clients faster with less hassle. 

  • Product:  Web application and API
  • Packages: The Line tool is included in the following packages at no additional cost: 
    • Real Estate Starter
    • DocuSign for REALTORS®
    • DocuSign for Real Estate
    • Real Estate Broker Edition

How it Works
  1. Create an Envelope and add at least one document, recipient, and field. 
  2. Click on Markup Tools on the left side.
Markup tools
  1. Drag and drop the Line tool onto the document and adjust as needed.
Drag and Drop Line
  • Color: The default color is red. Senders can change the line color to blue or black.
  • Thickness: The default thickness is 2. Senders can adjust as needed.
  • Length: Senders can use the blue circles on either side of the line to adjust the length of the line or they can make the adjustments in the Length section on the right side of the screen.


Who can apply the Line to a document? 
Only the Sender can apply a Line to the document to strikethrough text. 

Can everyone see the lines on the final document? 
Yes, lines applied to the document will be visible to all recipients on the envelope as they are signing and on the final, completed document. 

Can the Sender use the Line tool with templates? 
Yes, Senders can use the Line tool when using templates to create an envelope. 

Is the Line tool available on mobile? 
No, currently the Line tool is only available via the web app and API.

Why can’t I send a document with just the Line tag? 
The Line markup tool is not recognized as a field. If you try to send an envelope with ONLY the Line tag applied to a document, you will get a pop up that says no fields have been placed on the document.