SpringCM to DocuSign CLM Transition Portal

This article has been updated as of January 2020 release notes.

Existing customers will begin to see changes to the SpringCM (now DocuSign CLM) platform starting November 19, 2019.

What is DocuSign CLM?

SpringCM was acquired by DocuSign in 2018. A significant investment has been made into enhancing the contract lifecycle management platform, which includes changing the SpringCM platform name to DocuSign CLM, and including it in the suite of products DocuSign offers.

The CLM platform allows organizations to automate manual tasks, orchestrate complex workflows, and eliminate unnecessary risk.

What does “existing customer” mean?

You are an existing customer if your ‘SpringCM’ account was active before November 2019. You still enjoy the benefits that you had previously, as well as the added bonus of being a DocuSign customer.

How can I tell which version I have?

For existing customers who were active prior to November 19, 2019, the version indicator is DocuSign CLM.CM. This is visible in the Utility menu when you click the menu at the top-right of your page.

If you are in Salesforce, then you can look at the widget and detect what version you are using.

I’m an existing customer. How do I log into DocuSign CLM?

Existing customers access DocuSign CLM via:

How do I get the release notes?

Navigate to support.docusign.com and click the Resources menu in the header. Choose Release Notes from the menu that opens.

The default product is eSignature, so you need to choose CLM in the Products menu.

If you want release notes delivered to your email inbox, subscribe to the SpringCM Trust site at https://trust.springcm.com.

Is SSO affected? 

SpringCM SSO is still supported for existing customers.

Can I still use SpringCM Edit?

SpringCM Edit currently supports users that access CLM via https://login.springcm.com and/or are using the legacy SpringCM File It Package.  This will be renamed at some point in the future and given a new look and feel. 

Is FTP still supported?
FTP (file transfer protocol) will no longer be supported in DocuSign CLM for all account types. SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) is the only option allowed after the February 2020 release. See DocuSign CLM - Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for information about SFTP. Please reach out to your DocuSign CLM account manager with any questions.

Is SFTP still supported?
SFTP is still supported for both existing CLM customers and for customers who purchase after November 2019. 

How do I authenticate for SFTP?
You must store a public key in your DocuSign profile and a private key locally.  To store the public key, select Manage Profile → Privacy and Security → Certificates → Upload Certificate.  This is done at the user level.