DocuSign CLM - Stopping In Progress Workflows and Tasks

You can pause or abort DocuSign CLM workflows if you need to cancel a task. Aborting a workflow cancels any in progress automated steps and any human steps that the workflow is waiting for a user to complete. Pausing a workflow suspends the execution of any automated steps but does not cancel them. You can restart a paused workflow from its current step at any time.

E-signature steps can be canceled at any time in the duration of the signature process by canceling the signature invitation.

Filter the Workflow Activity list

  1. Navigate to Admin > Automation Tools > Workflows. The Workflows page opens to the Activity tab.
Three filter options display in the Filter Workflow Activity section: Workflow, Last Updated and Workflow Status. These filters help you find the workflow tasks to terminate

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  1. Click the workflow filter icon under Workflow filter to open the available workflow configurations.

  2. Check as many as 10 workflows.

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Tip: You can also search by typing a workflow name in the search field.

  1. Click the Apply button.
  2. Set a date range to filter by:
    1. Click the Last Updated dropdown.
    2. Select a date range to filter, or leave the selection as "Today."
    3. To search a wider range, select Custom and enter "From" and "To" dates.
  3. Choose a workflow status filter:
    1. Click the Workflow Status dropdown.
    2. Check as many options as you like from the list.
    3. To select all statuses, check all of the available boxes.
  4. Click the Apply button when your three filters are set. The Processes list populates with all workflows that match your filter criteria.

Pause an in-progress workflow


  1. Click a workflow name in the list to open the workflow configuration.
  2. Click the Pause icon in the upper-right of the configuration page to pause the workflow (see icon descriptions below).

Abort an executing workflow to cancel a task

If you have a task in DocuSign CLM that needs to be removed from a user’s task queue, here is the process for finding and canceling the task. Canceling a task means you need to abort the entire workflow. Once stopped, you can make any necessary changes and then kick the workflow off from the beginning of the process.

  1. Click a workflow name in the list to open the workflow configuration.
  2. Click the Cancel icon in the upper-right of the configuration page to abort the workflow (see icon descriptions below).

A message displays informing you that the workflow has been canceled. The task no longer displays on a user’s Tasks page.

Workflow Configuration icons

The icons that display in the upper-right of the workflow page are as follows.

ExecutionShows the task in Execution View
ResumeResumes the workflow
Pause Pauses workflow activity
CancelCancels the workflow and stops any in-progress tasks
InfoDisplays workflow information

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