DocuSign CLM: Repair a Broken Toolbar Tile


Occasionally, a tile on the DocuSign CLM Toolbar will fail to perform the expected action. In this case, you will have to rebuild the tile to restore functionality. This document shows how to fix the Copy button, but this process will work for any tile on the menu.


To solve this issue:

  1. Click Documents in the navigation header.
  2. Click View menu > Customize Toolbar from the Menu bar.
  3. You can apply the toolbar change to a specific CLM Persona by typing it into the Appears For: field, or you can leave the field blank to apply it to your entire account.
  4. Scroll down and click the Copy button on the toolbar menu.
  5. Verify that the radio button below reads Copy (default), then click the Delete hyperlink below. The Copy tile disappears from the Toolbar menu.
  6. Now click the Edit header on the Items Palette menu.
  7. Click the Copy option. The Copy item reappears at the far right of the Toolbar.
  8. To move it, click the Move Left hyperlink. Each click moves it one spot left on the Toolbar.
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
  10. The page refreshes and you should see the new tile on the Toolbar in the assigned position.

The process is complete. The new tile will now operate as expected.

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