DocuSign CLM - Remove Public Share Access from a Folder or File

Creating a public share link for a document or folder allows non-DocuSign CLM users to view content from your account. Using the following procedure, you can remove the active public share link that you created.

  1. Navigate to the shared folder or file in DocuSign CLM. (Folder icons turn blue if they are publicly shared.)
Public Folder
  1. Click the context menu arrow next to the folder and choose Send > Share Link. The "Use a Public Link" pop-up displays.
Context Menu
  1. Click the View Active Links link near the bottom of the window. The "Public Links to This Content" pop-up displays.
Use a public link
  1. Click the X next to the link description. A warning displays: "You are about to disable public access to this link."
  2. Click the Continue button. The window displays "You do not have public links set up for this content."
Remove link warning
  1. Click the X to close the pop-up.
  2. Repeat this process for each shared link, if there are more than one. When all links have been deleted, the folder icon changes from blue to gold, indicating that the folder is no longer shared.

To see a complete list of your shared folders and documents, go to Reports -> DocuSign CLM Reports -> Public Documents and Folders.

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