DocuSign CLM - Reassigning Workflow Tasks

Task reassignment allows a DocuSign CLM administrator to change the ownership of an existing workflow task.

Reassigning a workflow task is a two-part process. For an administrator to be able to reassign a task, they must first have access to both the inbox of the user who currently owns the task and the user they wish to assign the task to. Completing the steps below will allow an administrator to freely move tasks between inboxes.

Part 1: Set the “Managed By” Field

An administrator must manage the task owner to see their assigned items. This is set in the Address Book:

  1. Navigate to the Address Book from the top navigation menu.
  2. Find and click on the owner’s name to edit their user record.
  3. Complete the “Managed By” field by entering the name of the administrator who will reassign the task.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the new task assignee.
  5. Save the changes

Upon returning to the Tasks page, you will now see the My Managed Users inbox:

User-added image

Part 2: Reassign the task

  1. Under the My Managed Users list, find the user whose task you wish to re-assign.
  2. Once you’ve selected the user, you will see their list of tasks populate on the main window pane to the right.
  3. Select the task(s) you wish you transfer. Note, you can select all tasks in that user’s queue by clicking the top-level column check box.
  1. From the utility menu icon select Reassign. From the reassign page, simply select the new task assignee to complete the transfer. Note, if you are not yet using the new task inbox, select Manage > Reassign from the menu bar.


That’s it! All selected tasks will now appear in the new assignee’s inbox.

Note: Be mindful of workflows that contain multiple human steps requiring action by the same assignee. These tasks may need to be reassigned multiple times to complete the workflow.

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