SpringCM File It: Upgrade to v4.90


This update delivers enhanced security and support for SpringCM European data centers (EU11 and EU21). The following steps must be completed for both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning versions if you install or upgrade to the File It 4.90 package. You must access your Salesforce organization as a Sys Admin for the SpringCM_FileIt Connected App when configuring this update. Accounts that do not upgrade are unaffected by this update. 


Complete the following steps to upgrade File It:

  1. Click the drop-down menu in the upper-right of the Salesforce page and navigate to the AppExchange.
  2. In the AppExchange search bar, type SpringCM.
  3. Click the listing result for SpringCM Document Management.
  4. Scroll down to Additional Information to verify the package version shows FileIt 4.90 / 4.90.0
  5. Click Get It Now at the bottom of the screen to begin the upgrade.
  6. Log in with your Salesforce Admin credentials.
  7. Select the install environment (Production or Sandbox).
  8. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click Confirm and Install:
  9. Select Install for All Users and click Upgrade.
  10. Approve third-party web sites and click Continue.

Next, complete the following steps in Salesforce to configure the permitted user’s settings.

  1. Click Setup in Salesforce.
  2. Under the Administer header, open Managed Apps and select Connected Apps.
  3. Click the SpringCM File It hyperlink (not the Edit link)
  4. To the right of the Connected App Detail header, click Edit Policies.
  5. From the Permitted Users drop-down, select Admin approved users are pre-authorized.
  6. A pop-up will tell you that all current app users will be denied access. Click OK.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
  8. Navigate back to Administer -> Manage Apps -> Connected Apps and click SpringCM File It.
  9. Scroll down the page and find the Profiles header. Click the Manage Profiles button to the right:
  10. Under the Application Profile Assignment header, check the boxes for each profile that you wish to grant access to the File It app. Note: All unchecked profiles will be denied access to File It
  11. Click Save at the bottom of the page to finalize the selection:

The process is complete. You have now successfully upgraded File It and granted access to the proper profiles.