DocuSign CLM Admin - Adding a DocuSign CLM Login Name for a Salesforce user

Many users exclusively access DocuSign CLM content through Salesforce. If they need to log into DocuSign CLM directly, or use the DocuSign CLM Edit or Business Sync desktop applications, they will need a DocuSign CLM Login Name and password. This document will show Super Administrators how to create a Login Name and activate the user account.

  1. Log into your Salesforce org as an Administrator
  2. Click + in the tab ribbon.
  3. Select DocuSign CLM Content from the menu.
  4. Click the Admin tile.
  5. Select Address Book.
  6. Type the user’s last name and click Search.
  7. Click the Name hyperlink to open the user record
  8. If the Login Name field is blank, type one in and click Save. Each login name must be unique and be within 2-100 characters. Accepted special characters include: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . : ; = ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~.
  9. Find the user in the Address Book, check the box to the left of the user’s name.
  10. Navigate to Manage > Resend Account Activation E-mail from the Navigation bar.

The user will then receive an email with a link that allows them to set a password. Once that is complete, the user will be able to log into the DocuSign CLM account and desktop applications directly.

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