DocuSign EasySign - Create and use Templates

DocuSign has created a simple workflow for you to create and use templates.
To begin creating a template, navigate to your Templates Tab on the navigation bar at the top of your account's home page.

Step 1: Navigate to Templates Page

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Step 2:  Click Create Template and Choose your file(s) to upload.

Choose from files stored locally on your computer such as your desktop by clicking on the word BROWSE.
Click on the drop down to choose form a cloud storage provider like DropBox.
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Step 3: Add your Placeholders

Define the role for the recipient in the Placeholder field. The placeholder helps template users understand whom to enter as the recipient, when they use the template to send a document.

Example: New Employee

Note: Enter a unique Role to represent each individual who must sign your document. Example: New Employee; Hiring Manager.
You can use the signing order option if you need to route the envelope in a specified order.
If you do know the person will be the same every time, choose more> add name and email to put them into the workflow to always appear when sending.
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Step 4: Add Fields to the Document

In the recipients list at the top LEFT of the page, select a placeholder or person to add fields for.
Note: The fields you add apply only to the selected recipient and are color-coded to match the recipient's color. You can only add fields for the recipients you designated as signers.
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Step 5: Review and Save

See a preview of what your signers will see and save your work.
All templates will be located under your templates tab in your account to use at a later time.
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