Rooms for Real Estate - Send a document with two signers who share the same email address


When working within DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate, many users need to send documents out for signature to multiple people who share one email address. As an example, email addresses are sometimes shared in small offices and by married couples.

Our current version of Rooms for Real Estate only allows one person to be associated with an email address. There is, however, a feature that allows Envelope creation, with multiple recipients using the same email address.

Send a document for signature when multiple recipients use the same email address:

  1. From your web browser, create a room and insert the desired documents.
  2. From within the room, click the People tab.
  3. Click Add and either invite via email or your Network.
  1. Invite one of the parties that share the email address to the room. For example, John and Jane are married and share Invite John to the room, not Jane.
  2. Click the Envelopes tab.
  3. Click New to start a new envelope.
  4. Enter a Name and Subject of your envelope, then upload documents. 
  5. Click Add Recipients in the Recipients section, choose Room Participants, then add John as a recipient and click Save.
  6. Click Add Recipients, choose Email Address, and enter Jane and in the respective areas for Name and Email. Select Needs to Sign in the Actions section..​
  7. Select Next to tag the document for all parties. Click the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner, to switch between recipients.
      User-added image
     11. After tagging, click Send and follow the prompts to send the document.

For further Rooms for Real Estate Help & Support, please submit a support case through the DocuSign Support Center.