Script Error " is not responding due to a long-running script."


Have you seen a script error like this when browsing DocuSign's web application? " is not responding due to a long-running script."

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Script errors have various root causes. Some of the most common are listed here.

Important note:  This error is not necessarily a system performance issue with DocuSign. DocuSign eSignature System Status 

Cause 1

There can be local device settings or programs like anti-virus programs that run scripts on web pages to ensure their safety, but this could slow down the site's performance.

Solution 1

Work with your IT team to adjust the anti-virus program settings to work with DocuSign eSignature.

Cause 2

Browser plug-ins or add-ons can interfere with active scripts that run on DocuSign eSignature.

Solution 2

Try disabling add-ons, and/or plug-ins, then test the DocuSign web application. Enable the plug-ins or add-ons one by one to find which add-on or plug-in could be causing the issue.

Cause 3

A specific browser (such as Internet Explorer, e.g.) has long-running scripts. 

Solution 3

Use another browser (i.e., Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome) to try to isolate the issue with one particular browser. You can also consider modifying the settings of the browser where the issue is happening. For example, if the behavior is only happening in Internet Explorer, you could modify these settings to try to alleviate the issue: 

Internet Explorer 11: 
  1. Click the browser gear icon | tools | internet options | advanced tab 
  2. Select the checkbox "disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)"
  3. Select the checkbox "disable script debugging (other)",
  4. Click Apply, then OK. 

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