DocuSign Rooms - eSignature FAQ

Can I send envelopes for signature in Rooms?
Yes. Your Rooms and eSignature accounts are connected, so you can send documents for signature if you are a subscriber.

How do I send documents for signature?
There are a few ways to send documents for signature in Rooms:
  • The Envelopes tab is where all eSignature functionality is located. Click New to start a new envelope.
  • Right-click any document and choose DocuSign to add it to a new envelope.
  • While viewing a document, click the Document Actions icon in the upper right corner, then choose DocuSign to add it to a new envelope.

Are all of my eSignature capabilities available in Rooms?
Most eSign functionality is available within Rooms, including:
  • Needs to Sign, Needs to View, Receives a Copy, and Specify Recipient actions
  • Templates
  • Envelope Correct
  • Resend
  • Void
  • Private Message
  • Access Code

What type of two-factor authentication is available within Rooms?
You can use access codes to enforce two-factor authentication. See Two-Step Verification for Room Access.

What happens when an envelope is completed in Rooms?
When an envelope is marked Complete in the Envelopes tab, Rooms automatically shares the signed documents with all envelope recipients. Access signed documents within the envelope or the Documents tab of the Room.

Can I sign envelopes in Rooms?
Yes. When you are the next recipient in the routing order of an envelope, you can take any required action within Rooms. To sign or view an envelope, access the envelope within the Envelopes tab, and click Sign or View to enter the signing experience.

If I send an envelope in Rooms, can I see it in my eSign account?
Yes. Room envelopes display in the Manage tab.

Can I send envelopes via mobile?
We recommend using our web version of Rooms when handling any mobile eSignature needs. Access the mobile web version of Rooms at

Is eNotary available within Rooms?
Electronic In-Person Notary is not currently available within Rooms. This functionality will be added to Rooms in a future release.

Is eNote available within Rooms?
Not today. We will be adding eNote capabilities to Rooms in a future release. If you are interested in using the Rooms eNote functionality in the future, please contact your Account Team.

If I delete an envelope in Rooms, is it deleted from my eSign account?

If I delete an envelope in my eSign account, is it deleted from Rooms?
Yes, only if the envelope was created within Rooms and then deleted in eSign. If you create an envelope in eSign, it does not display in Rooms.

If I send an envelope in Rooms and the recipients have eSignature accounts, is the completed envelope saved in their eSign account? For how long?
Yes. Recipients see completed envelopes in their eSign account. Envelopes sent from Rooms remain in both Rooms and eSign until the recipient deletes them.

Do the people I invite to collaborate in Rooms need an eSignature account?
Yes. When you invite a user to collaborate in a Room, they receive an invitation to create a free DocuSign Rooms account, which includes a free eSignature account.

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