Retrieve - How many envelopes can be Retrieved in one hour?


DocuSign® Retrieve is a windows-based tool that downloads completed documents and data from DocuSign to a local workstation. Retrieve can be run as one-time request or on a schedule. Retrieve contacts DocuSign using the DocuSign API to retrieve documents and data, based on the filters that you set.
  • Depending on the selected Output and Filters, this application can use 4 or more API calls per envelope.
  • Retrieve currently supports up to 5000 API calls per hour.
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Best Practices

Determine the total number of envelopes to get. Determine the Output type and Filters that have been selected, as this will effect the number of API calls for each envelope. At a minimum, there will be 4 API calls per envelope. You may want to conservatively calculate 10 API calls per envelope.


total_api_calls_required = [total_envelope_count] * [number_of_api_calls_per_envelope]
num_hours_to_schedule = total_api_calls_required/5000

For example:
total_api_calls_required = [1500] * [10]
num_hours_to_schedule = 15000/5000

Resulting in the need to schedule 3 separate executions of Retrieve with a one hour difference between each execution.




Retrieve creates a .txt log in the following folder for each execution:


This log can be used to determine if the process experienced any issues.