DocuSign Retrieve Vs. DocuSign Connect - When is Retrieve the best solution?

Is DocuSign Retrieve the right solution for me?
  • Do use Retrieve if you…
    • Have a reasonable and limited number of envelopes you need to download
    • Will only be running Retrieve on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Do not use Retrieve if you... 
    • Are sending more than 3000 envelopes per hour that require downloading
    • Need near real time retrieval of documents and information from those envelopes
    • Need to download envelopes that were sent TO you and not FROM you

I’m already using Retrieve; should I upgrade to the newest version?

Yes! We always recommend using the most recent version because...
  • We only support and troubleshoot current versions
  • As of version 3.5 we have increased the efficiency of API usage
  • As of version 3.5.1 we allow multiple simultaneous runs of retrieve with outputs to the same folder using index file naming

What constitutes improper usage of DocuSign Retrieve?
  • Trying to archive thousands of envelopes in a short amount of time
  • Bypassing the once per hour usage recommendation
  • Consistently reaching the hourly API request limit of Retrieve
  • Downloading all envelopes regardless of need
  • Running Retrieve with large extended date ranges that could cause significant amounts of envelopes to be returned (3000+)

Is DocuSign Connect the right solution for me?
  • Do use Connect if you…
    • Need to save documents in a repository other than DocuSign
    • Need real time downloading of documents and information from them upon completion.
    • Expect querying and downloading of envelopes will be over the hourly rate limit of API calls per hour that Retrieve offers
    • All envelopes need to be downloaded and not just a particular set
    • Your company has the time and resources to develop a webhook and/or potentially more advanced capabilities available via DocuSign Connect
  • Do not use Connect if you…
    • Need to archive envelopes that have already been sent and for some reason can not be republished to Connect
    • Envelopes to be downloaded need filtering based on envelope or document custom fields.

Are there exceptions to the above recommendations?

Yes. There are always exceptions, but please use your best judgement when it comes to these products. DocuSign Retrieve is a robust tool for archiving envelopes that have already been sent from your account; but should be used in circumstances where archival of envelopes will not be excessive and/or the downloading process can be done over an extended period of time. DocuSign Connect should be used in all other circumstances.