Rename Fields in the Transaction Room Details Tab

Did you know that the field names displayed on the Details tab can be renamed by the brokerage Admin? The Details tab allows agents and transaction coordinators to capture important transaction data in one place and access it from anywhere. Admins can edit the names of these fields so they align with their brokerage’s terminology.

1. If you are the Admin of a Transaction Rooms brokerage account, navigate to the Admin section.

2. Select COMPANY and then transaction Details.

3. Click 'edit' next to the field you want to rename.

4. Enter the name you wan to use in the Displayed Field Name section. Please note that display names have a 100 character limit and cannot be used more than once.

5. Click Save.

6. The new name should appear in the Transaction Detail list in the Admin section as well as all new Transaction Rooms.

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