Unable to authenticate via partner integration - The redirect URI is not registered properly with DocuSign


Login Error: The redirect URI is not registered properly with DocuSign
login failure


Misconfigured integration is unable to complete authenticate workflow correctly. Redirect URIs must be associated an integration key before they can be used for authentication.


If you are an end-user, you will not be able to resolve the issue yourself.

  • If this issue is occurring entirely within DocuSign, please open a case with DocuSign Support for investigation.
  • If this issue is occurring when attempting to authenticate via a partner integration, you will need to contact the owner of that integration to report this error.
  • If the integration is owned and developed by DocuSign (such as DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce or DocuSign for Outlook), please open a case with DocuSign Support.

When reporting this error to either DocuSign or an external developer, please include the full URL of the page you are receiving this error on.

If you are a developer / owner of the integration

There are two primary causes of this error, either an incorrect URI is being passed to DocuSign, or a correct URI has not been registered for the integration key.

To check if a URI has been registered for the integration key:

  1. Log in to the DocuSign account that owns the integration (in the correct environment: Demo or Prod).
  2. Select Go to Admin > API and Keys
  3. Click Actions > Edit next to the integration key in question
  4. Compare the URI generated by your application to the list of registered URIs
  5. Click Add URI and fill in the missing URI