Redact Personal Data

You can now redact personal data from DocuSign envelopes, enabling you to comply with data subject rights requests. 

To purge an envelope with personal data redaction
  1. To enable the capability, contact your account manager or DocuSign customer support.
  2. Initiate an envelope purge job. Any envelope purge job that has the “Remove all associated metadata” option set will also redact the personal information from the envelopes.
  • Note: If you purge an envelope and redaction of personal data is not enabled, the selected personal data will not be redacted.

The audit log and certificate of completion are valuable assets to maintain the audit trail of transactions conducted with the DocuSign Signature service, however, these assets include personal data for DocuSign transaction participants. As they include personal data, they can fall into the scope of a data subject rights request.
How does it work?
Redacting personal data combines with purging envelopes. After an envelope has completed the purge process, fields that store personal data such as name, physical address, email, and IP address, are replaced with the text “Redacted”. Time stamps of when actions took place are left intact, but you won’t be able to identify the person who took that action. 
  • Note: The redact personal data capability is enabled on an account-wide level.
  • Warning: The process of redacting personal data cannot be undone. Each individual’s personal information on an envelope will be redacted from the envelope, rendering the audit log and certificate of completion untraceable.